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Hi, I’m Matthew Augier (The original) a 40+ year old computer nerd, who loves programming in Delphi, PHP (CodeIgniter) and Javascript. I have my own company selling my own products and also do some freelance work as well. Please contact me if you are interested.

I’m married to Emma since May 1998 and we have three children, Poppy, Joshua and Rosie. We live in England (UK) and have done all our lives, apart from the summer weather it’s not bad here!

So why Mat-Moo? Well oddly enough when I was much younger (childhood) my brothers/sisters and parents gave me the nickname MatMoo. Oddly though I started coding Demos on the Atari ST as Hi-Tech (Part of the Dynamic Duo group, with my best mate Marcus Lynn and his very out of date website!). When I moved on to working on the PC and playing games, I took the name Mat-d-Rat, mostly because I used to have a Rats tail! However as time has gone on, I wanted something a bit softer and more friendly and as such Mat-Moo has now come full circle.

More to come, honest!

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