So thought I’d write a short post of that I’ve been playing with for the last 6 months or so. WOW!!! I’ve been trying to move away from the world of jQuery for some time, don’t get me wrong, jQuery is a great product, but it’s not really any good for writing modern web aps etc. But I do feel that people include the whole jQuery library and a plethora of plugins to do things that are actually really easy in modern day JS (Don’t get me wrong I’m no expert, I’d say medium level!).

So onto angular, I did play with this, watched some lessons and followed various webcasts/training videos, but it never clicked for me as really good. I liked the theory but just didn’t feel natural to me. As a regular watcher of Laracasts, I watched a couple of videos around “The vast world of Vue” and started to play. I had already started to build an interface for a side project I was working on, so started to try and convert it to VueJS and learn a bit more… I was hooked! everything worked as I wanted it to, and seemed so logical. This was pre version 1 and there have been a few breaking changes that I’ve had to deal with (as always using a beta product) but now it’s stable, building interfaces with components now seems second nature (At least when you’re repeating them a lot).

So if you haven’t yet had a play, I do suggest taking 10 minutes to look at and find out the beauty of this framework… Yes I know I’ve not tried out all the other frameworks available, but this one works for me, each to their own I always say 🙂

Here is a screenshot of the current interface, still work in progress 🙂


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