Christmas lights


Bit behind with posting updates, sorry! My love of leds continues, and whilst my house will never have Christmas light shows as can be seen on tv, I do like to try and make it a bit interesting… So this year I’ve added a led outline to house using RGB leds that currently just fade between the different colours (rainbow style). There are lots of ways of doing this, but I went the pipe route…


Leds mounted on piping

As you can see I simply bought a lot of tubing (18m required to go around the house, but you can get 40m on screwfix for £16.98 at time of writing). There is no easy way to attach the pipe to the wall, so we (myself and my son Joshua) ended up creating our own clips out the of the pipe!

Finished look

Finished look

Quite pleased with the result, certainly unique n the area…

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