Windows local development with ExpressionEngine


I’ve always been a Windows developer and been working for many years with WAMP/EasyPHP etc. but for some reason I’ve found that ExpressionEngine (EE) always runs a lot slower locally for me than on a real server (Mostly unix). Never really bothered me till today when page loads where taking 3-4seconds and driving me nuts!!! After playing with LOTS of settings, the one that made my local sites run like the clappers again was in the my.ini for MySQL! Add innodb_buffer_pool_size=512M to the [mysqld] section and for me the difference was chalk and cheese 🙂 comments?

This might apply to other Windows development where MySQL is slow, but note this will only effect you if you’re using InnoDB tables!

(PS also use as the hostname, not localhost, but this is well documented, saves about 1second a page load)

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