Been a while


So many things going on in my life, I’ve fallen in love (VueJS), and my Javascript knowledge is getting better and better. Bought a new domain for a new idea well not new, what is 🙂 but having a lot of fun learning to build it! Who knows watch this space…

I played around with a couple of Javascript libraries Angular, React etc. but they all seem to over complicate the basics. On (Well worth the money) VueJS was mentioned and after 5 mins that was it… I’ve started to build a complete html wysiwyg designer now and things just work as expected! The downside is that it’s still not production and 1alpha breaks a lot of code I’ve already written so rewriting and relearning (Some good, some not so good IMO).

I also decided it was time to move on from my job and find a new adventure… so currently looking if anyone is interested 🙂

My PixelGrid 2 has made little progress 🙁 bought a new power brick for it, but still needs a case and work.

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