Image_moo update!


Yea, I’m still alive – and a few people have been asking about image-moo updates, and as such I’ve now put the latest and greatest up…. Ok not a HUGE amount of changes, but a couple of neat features that I’ve been using to show avatars as encoded image data for an offline HTML 5 app.

I’m really hoping that Spring will show it’s head soon, it’s been a LONG winter here in the UK, 9th April and the temperature has still not hit double digits (c)! In fact only a couple of weeks ago we had snow!

Been a busy first Quarter, lots going on, and at the moment I’ve been rebuilding my company website; This has had a side affect of me having to write a few custom EE plugins to get the site to do what I want (coming soon on devot:ee!) so hopefully this will be done soon, although populating the content will take some time 🙂

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