My lack of updates recently has been due to the amount of work I’m currently doing 🙁 I really wanted to spend some time on Image_moo, and to put up Structure_moo and Facebook_moo scripts I’ve written (Facebook_moo is a CodeIgniter facebook addon, Structure moo will show differences of tables in a database with some code to update them).

A lot has happened since I last posted, I bought an Ipad 2 – oooh, shiney! and now considering an iMac so I can play with some ipad development. I’m still contracting to The Purple Agency as a developer and working on private projects in the evening on my own projects (and client projects).

I recently changed my business phone to an IP phone, so pay far less than I used to, to BT just to have a line in the house, and get a load more functions, rather cool actually. I went with Soho66 who where helpful and so far cheap!

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