Part of my office


Just for the sake of it, here is some of the equipment I currently work with on my Tapewise application. Couple of Fibre channel switches, and old STK L40 with 3 lto and 1 sdlt drive in, an IBM 3590, some fibre scsi bridges and various other bits of equipment. On the top is a LTO-4 and an LTO-2 drive and lots of rubbish! I also have a small 250GB NAS backup drive (for local backup, also have offsite SVN and USB disk backups). There is a 24 port 1GB network port in there as well that most the equipment is plugged into, as well as my new IP phone powered by Soho66.

On the side my flattened box from the LOTR sword I bought that is currently on display in our lounge 🙂 and a few cables (easy to access, you don’t want to see my cupboard!)


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