Windows Live mesh rant


Ok, sorry for the rant, but I’ve had a couple of shots and now feeling a tad tipsy! There is a really annoying bug in Windows Live mesh that causes the first letter of the sync folder to be dropped (e.g. select d:/my folder and it tries to sync as d:/y folder). This only effect those of us that have changed their my documents folder to a drive (I think) but has now been a bug/issue for over 6 months! How can it take over 6 months to create a simple patch for this issue! The affect it has on my work flow is huge, as I used to be able to sync no problems with Xp and the old Windows Mesh. Come on MS I do like your products but get your thumb out your arse on this one!!!

2 thoughts on “Windows Live mesh rant

  1. Bad form to comment on my own post, I know.. but an update to Mesh has come out – WOOHOO… however the missing letter bug is STILL there meaning the whole thing is pointless still! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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